Updating the outbound links

Just got finished doing some pruning on the outbound links. There were quite a few sites which were putting out some well crafted reviews when this site began, but have since disappeared. No sense in keeping the links if there isn’t anything on the other end.

A couple new ones have been added. There are links for my local comic shop, Elite Comics. If you’re in the Kansas City area, this is the shop that you need to visit. Most shops that carry comics are a horrible goulash of games, sports cards, and toys, with a few comics sprinkled in. Which means it’s a shop that does a whole lot of things, but none of them with any competence. Elite Comics has dropped all that other rubbish and concentrates on comics, with a huge back-issue section and a large selection of new comics. It’s a great place and highly recommended.

Another link is for one of the regulars at Elite Comics, Justin Cline. Justin is publishing his novel at his site and has an ongoing series cataloging all of the little annoyances that should get folks their own ticket to hell. Check it out.

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