Neal Boortz’s name in Ultimate Spider-Man 55

As I wrote earlier, I plan on tracking down all of the Neal Boortz references in Ultimate Spider-Man. Artist Mark Bagley is a fan of the show and occasionally slips a reference to Boortz into Ultimate Spiderman. I thought I could get to all of them tonight, but I’d forgotten how many issues there are of USM.

Here is the page that Boortz referred to on today’s show. Behind Doctor Octopus is a van with the words “Boortz Buns”.

Bagley makes a few more references to Boortz, the show, and his libertarian views. Hopefully I can get throught the rest of the issues in the next couple of days.

ADDED 6/16:

WOW! What a day of traffic it’s been after getting a link from the Boortz show. Thanks to the Boortz crew for the link, all of the listeners who have visited and commented, and to my host, Blue Virtual, for handling the traffic without a problem.

I’ll just keep adding any Boortz-related stuff to this thread rather than spread it out. Here are two more, and I still have a lot of issues to get through.

From Ultimate Spider-Man # 20, a pretty clear reference to the Boortz flagship radio station.

And while this one isn’t a strict reference to Boortz, thought I’d throw it in anyway. From USM # 10:

Yeah, I know, it’s not a direct reference to Boortz, but I still think it’s nice to see in a comic. Plus, it has a certain authenticity that a high school student is reading it, as I’ve noticed Rand’s work seems to have it’s biggest influence in the teenage and college years.

ADDED 6/18:

And a couple more:

USM # 64

I’m betting that said “Boortz” before the text was put in.

USM # 87

And another reference to the Boortz show’s flagship radio station.

Well, that’s all I could find folks. No reference to the FairTax, but who knows what will be in Spider-Man’s future. If I see anything more, I’ll post it.

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16 comments to Neal Boortz’s name in Ultimate Spider-Man 55

  • JD

    Boortz buns? GROSS!

  • Bruce Blashka

    Now I want to see a “Fairtax.ORG” bumpersticker.

    Go Boortz!!

  • Rock on Neal! I dig him and Spidy is my all time favorite dude!! Keep on webbing!

  • What does the truck logo under “Boortz Bun’ signify? Go Boortz

  • Spider-man says “Vote for the Fair Tax!”

  • William Smith

    Boortz Buns… reminds me of Neal’s old newsletter “Boortz Shorts”. Funny stuff.

  • My kid reads Ultimate Spiderman. Looks like I’ll have to do my own research now!

    I always knew Boortz was superhero material.

    Now that Spidey has revealed his identity, perhaps he will speak out for the Fair Tax as well. Support from Your Friendly Neighborhood Boortz fan!

  • is Boortz spiderman???

    Go Boortz – Fairtax all the way -

  • Robert

    Ultimate Spiderman ah ah whats next you showing up in wonder woman. Ah ah ah you spiderman, and wonder woman all rock. Robert

  • Levi

    I’m seeing Mark Bagley tomorrow. I’ll make sure he sees this web page. ;)

  • JP

    Everyone: Thanks for the comments and for joining in on the fun. I have to say that I was a bit worried about the traffic bringing in a few unwanted trolls, but everyone has been a class act. Guess that says something about Boortz listeners.

    RE: FairTax references: I’m on the look out for them. I still have about 35 to 40 issues to plow through. If there hasn’t been one yet, maybe Mark Bagley can slip one in.

    JD: You think Boortz buns are white bread or wheat? I’m guessing white. ;)

    Levi: If you’re friends with Mark, let him know I really like his work. And not just because it’s good, but because he’s one of the handful of comics artists who turns his stuff in on time and doesn’t whine about how much work it all is. I know it’s hard work, but it’s just nice to have someone who makes sure the job is done every month.

    Should he wish, Mark is welcome to leave a comment or contact me at webmaster @ this site’s name. I’d love to hear from him if he has any comments on the libertarian/Boortz references.

  • Joe

    Mark Bagley lives in Atlanta, I believe. He shows up in my local comic book shop once and a while. You can catch other Atlanta references occasionally in the book; Monica Kaufman made an appearance at one point as well.

  • Leland Tripp

    Sure beats the hell out of clinton buns. GO NEAL!

  • JP

    “Mark Bagley lives in Atlanta”

    Ah, then that explains it. I noticed a few other Atalanta references, but never put it all together.

  • I’m from Colombia S.A and read Neal first thing every morning. The people in the US have no idea how lucky they are to have him.