Nick Fury: Autoerotic asphyxiator?

Just look at that Nick Fury. His trademark eye patch. His muscular torso. His oddly positioned running-in-space pose. And his traditional half-smoked cigar enjoyed from within his freaking space helmet!

I suppose it’s maybe not dangerous because it isn’t lit, but then why would it have a full inch of ash on the end? I . . . → Read More: Nick Fury: Autoerotic asphyxiator?

When cover artists get lazy

Alpha Flight # 25

What is this, fill in your own villain?

What was really astonishing about Sub-Mariner …

... was his ability to fight while wearing that tiny speedo.

Tales to Astonish 84

Remember when Nova joined the S & M crowd?

Nova 2 It’s full of spanking goodness!

Bullseye finally gets his Broadway break

And he’s breaking out all OOOOH-ooo-VER! . . . → Read More: Bullseye finally gets his Broadway break