Nick Fury: Autoerotic asphyxiator?

Just look at that Nick Fury. His trademark eye patch. His muscular torso. His oddly positioned running-in-space pose. And his traditional half-smoked cigar enjoyed from within his freaking space helmet!

I suppose it’s maybe not dangerous because it isn’t lit, but then why would it have a full inch of ash on the end? I . . . → Read More: Nick Fury: Autoerotic asphyxiator?

Mr. Anthony’s Love Clinic

Just look at that cover. Talk about hot. It’s not hard to imagine that Mr. Anthony offers all the steamy, sweaty action of a John Deere tractor manual.

When cover artists get lazy

Alpha Flight # 25

What is this, fill in your own villain?

Comic covers I wish I had pointed out

If you haven’t seen The Best Page In The Universe’s list of Unintentionally sexual comic book covers: part 1, check it out. I had always planned on posting about the famous Rifleman cover, but no one can top the silhouette created by Maddox.

. . . → Read More: Comic covers I wish I had pointed out

Best cover ever? Maybe funniest cover this year.

I love posting the bad covers for Chickity China. There are so many bad comic book covers out there, and I get a good laugh out of them. The Pickytarian may have found the funniest comic cover we’ll see this year.