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I can finally post on Blogger, so I can participate with the group! For some reason, it won’t let me post when using Firefox. If I log in with Opera, it works.* But, no sense it letting things go to waste here as a blog comment sometimes isn’t enough room to really dig in.

The current bible reading is Genesis 4-7 Adam and Eve Start a Family
This section includes:

  • Cain killing Abel

  • A relatively short list of the patriarchs – (Get used to it. There’s a lot more to come.)

  • Noah and the early part of the flood story

I had often wondered why God rejected Cain’s offerings (4:5) but accepted Abel’s (4:4). As a literal story, it doesn’t make sense. And the it-fortells-Jesus! argument (blood sacrifice) is weak at its best. Ditching the literal story and seeing it as ethnic cheerleading makes a lot more sense. “Those farmers from other cultures aren’t worthy of our god, but we animal herder’s have it all figured out.” A story that never made sense to me in my youth actually lines up, now.

I posted this in the K&I comment, but I wondered about the sons of God mentioned in 6:5. Is there a clue to this in 4:1? When Eve delivers Cain, she says that the has “gotten a man from the LORD.” Not from Adam, but from the Lord. Does this mean that Cain’s children (Sons of God) are marrying Seth’s children (men’s daughters), and this mixing is what is angering God? Is this another piece of ethnic cheerleading?

The beginning of the Noah story is in this one, but I’ll save comments for the next reading.

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